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  1. Ингэхэд өөрөө хүүхэн болж таарч байна уу?

  2. Aan baishiigeed l gachihdag um bainalee. bolohgui baigaa.

  3. Nogoo monstudnet chin boloxgui baina Tiishee orj bolj baina uu

  4. Priyatno poznakomit'sya!! Vy ot kakogo roda? Choros?? Vy doma govorite po mongols'ki? Ya Khalkh Mongol'ka.

  5. To Asan-Kaygy: (I cannot write in Russian, but can understand well. Please also note that the last khans' names are not in Mongolian, but in Tibetan and/or Sanskrit. It's like having the names such as Mohammed, Meiram, and etc.) I just wanted to tell you all that we were able to identify the proper descendants of Dayan Khan's eleventh son Гэрзэнз Жалайр Хан. As you all may know his descendants became the khans of the Khalkha ( Jalair Halk) Mongol or just Mongolia. There are many descendants of other minor princes and Chinggis Khan's brothers' descendants in Mongolia. They are called Taij people. There are two places in Mongolia that have the highest chances of having numerous Chinggissids and/or Borjigits. One is Govisumber Province and the other is CagaanChuluut region of Zavkhan Province. However, since it is time consuming and costly to test many people, here is the information about the lineage of the four major khans. The lineage of the khans of Засагт Хан Аймаг is: Батмөнх Даян Хаан-Гэрсэнз Жалайр Хан-Ашихай Хан-Лайхур Хан-Засагт Хан Субадай-300 years-Засагт хан Содномравдан The lineage of the khans of Сэцэн Хан Аймаг is: Батмөнх Даян Хаан-Гэрзэнз Жалайр Хан-АминТограл-МөрөнБуйма-Шолой Сэцэн Хан-14 other khans-Сэцэн хан Дэмчигдорж /1893-1910/. The lineage of the khans of Түшээт Хан Аймаг is: Батмөнх Даян Хаан-Гэрсэнз Жалайр Хан-Онох Хан-Автай Сайн Хаан (1554-1588)-14 other khans-Түшээт хан Дашням. The person in the picture is not the khan, but Supreme General Ханддорж /1869-1915/ of the Түшээт Хан Аймаг. He is also descended from Aвтай Сайн Хаан. The lineage of the khans of Сайн Ноён Хан Аймаг: Батмөнх Даян Хаан-Гэрсэнз Жалайр Хан-Онох Хан-Түмэнхэн сайн ноён-300 years-Сайн Ноён хан Т.Намнансүрэн, Первый премьер-министр /1878 - 1919/ From Сэцэн Хан Аймаг: The second to the last khan did not have a child therefore his uncle's son inherited the Сэцэн Хан title, however, he was executed during the communist regime. But there is a known writer in Mongolia who is one of the survived descendants of the earlier Setcen Khans. Here is his picture: From Түшээт Хан Аймаг: The last khan also did not have a child. His nephew who inherited the title had only two daughters. However, we have two group of people from this lineage. Supreme General Ханддорж's relative was the previous Minister of Transportation of Mongolia. The minister however is Supreme General Ханддорж's relative through his mother; but his mother has two brothers. The second group is Хараагийн баатар ван Наваан-Юндэн's paternal relatives who live in Selenge province and Erdenet city of Mongolia. They are also descended from Автай Сайн Хаан. Here is Navaan-Yunden's picture with his adopted daughter in 1954. The second picture belongs to the minister who is a Chingissid maternally. From Сайн Ноён Хан Аймаг: The last khan's only son passed away before his father did, so the khan's adopted son inherited his title. However, my maternal grandfather is related to Сайн Ноён Хан Намнансүрэн through his mother. According to my grandfather, the grandchildren of his mother's brothers live in Uvurkhangai Province now. So I should be able to find them. I have no information about the descendants of Засагт Хан. The last 4 khans of the Khalkha Mongols plus a number of Mongolian and Inner Mongolian princes all passed away mysteriously during the years of 1910-1919. Pretty much all of them did not have children or either were poisoned to death, I assume. Whoever survived were mostly executed during 1930-1940. However, since now we have the information about their relatives I will try to contact them and take their DNA samples when I visit Mongolia. I am so much excited about comparing the DNA test results of Kazakh Chingissids and Mongolian Chingissids. Thank you for reading my long post. I sent the same message to Mr. Yerlan Turuspekov, but since he is mostly busy I am posting it here.
  6. Сайн уу, Тэнгис? Тийм, би Алтайн Ойрат хун.

  7. Өөрөө тэнд энэ нэрээрээ байсан уу.

    Би яг сайн санахгүй байна.Энд англи хэлтэй улс байгаа.Казахын литл жузийн улс чинь тэгээд

    Өгөөдэй хааны үр ач нар болж таарч байна уу?

  8. TengisSarana


    Spasibo Xaknazar, but I'm like understanding on n' off, but most of these resources are based upon historical data I guess. I'm trying to see the past from a different edge, without relying too much on books and linguistic perspective. According to genetic research, people from the Little Juz are overwhelmingly C3 which is the typical Y-DNA Haplogroup of Mongol men (I could say Turk also, but the term Turk is very confusing itself). Basically, there was a Khan named Adai in the 1400's and he was a descendant of Ugutei Khan. Now that I read about the Adai Clan and looked at their tamga, I think the word Adai is somewhat related Ugutei Khan. Adai Khan's father was ruling Beshbalik (modern Jimsar county of Xinjiang), but Adai Khan was ruling the Oirats briefly, Central Mongolia, and Eastern Mongolia. In the end Adai Khan was killed by the Oirats and what happened to his people and family is unknown, except for one little boy. As I know many people who wanted to run away from the Oirats and Khorchins (Khasar's descendants) used to fled to Ulus Chagatay. For example, Batumongke Dayan Khan's rival Taishy Ismail fled to Ulus Chagatay also, but he was killed by the Chagataids. I know that my assumptions are very raw. However, I thought it was worth giving it a try since in the 1400's the Mongols of Mongolia had contacts with the Mongols of Ulus Chagatay and Ulus Ugutei. Indeed many baghaturs and tayshi of the Central Mongolian government had Arabic and Muslim names such as Ibrai and Ismail. I would be glad to know your opinions on this.
  9. TengisSarana


    Могулистан, где люди Угутэй и Чагатай жили. Они исчезли куда то в 16м веке. Тамга Адай это Тамга Угутэй Хана!!!. Вы говорите по английский? Говорится, что они убежали от Казахов, Киргизов, и Джунгаров.
  10. TengisSarana


    Мне кажеться что Адайцы и многие люди младшего жуза приехали из Могулстана. Как вы думаете? Sorry my Russian is bad!
  11. Privet Amyr, are you Tuvan or Altai-Oirat?

  12. Gol ni Adai ovogtoi humuusiig, yur ni Kazakhyn Little Juziin humuusiig haij iishee orj irsen um.

  13. Chi namaig meddeg um uu? Asiafinest, tiim yur ni dan solongos, hitad eder l baidag umshig baisan. bi neg udaa l um bichij baisan uu ugui u sanahgui baina. Orosoor gaigui oilgono. Sain bichij, yarij bol chadahgui. Gehdee end angli heltei humuus bas baigaa bailgui dee.

  14. Oo za za.Xerlen Borjigon gegch ooroo baisan baix nee.

  15. Asiafinest deer dan xitaduud baidag um shiv dee.Tend ooroo baigaa yu?

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