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    List of Manchu clans From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from List of Manchu clans in alphabetical order) Jump to: navigation, search This is an alphabetical list of Manchu clans: Contents 1 A 2 B 3 C 4 D 5 E 6 F 7 G 8 H 9 I 10 J 11 K 12 L 13 M 14 N 15 P 16 R 17 S 18 T 19 U 20 W 21 Y 22 Sources 23 Further reading A Aangang Hala (Sinicized: 昂刚氏) Acigecalr Hala (Sinicized: 阿其格查依尔氏) Aha Gioro Hala (Sinicized: 阿哈觉罗氏) Aihui Hala (Sinicized: 爱珲氏) Aisin Gioro Hala (Sinicized: 爱新觉罗氏) Aiyi Hala (Sinicized: 爱义氏) Aiyos Hala (Sinicized: 艾耀施氏) Akjan Hala (Sinicized: 阿克占氏) Ala Hala (Sinicized: 阿喇氏) (Alai Hala (Sinicized: 阿赉氏) Alar Hala (Sinicized: 阿拉尔氏) Albaki Hala (Sinicized: 阿勒巴齐氏) Altanemok Hala (Sinicized: 阿勒坦鄂谟克氏) Alte Hala (Sinicized: 阿勒特氏) Amuharnu Hala (Sinicized: 阿穆哈尔努氏) Amunibutas Hala (Sinicized: 阿穆尼布塔斯氏) Amuru Hala (Sinicized: 阿穆噜氏) Andara Hala (Sinicized: 安达拉氏) Angiya Hala (Sinicized: 安佳氏) Aogiya Hala (Sinicized: 敖佳氏) Aora Hala (Sinicized: 敖拉氏) Aoratosin Hala (Sinicized: 敖拉托欣氏) Arabiancian Hala (Sinicized: 阿拉边前氏) Arakcou Hala (Sinicized: 阿喇克球氏) Arakta Hala (Sinicized: 阿拉克塔氏) Arbentcang Hala (Sinicized: 阿尔本昌氏) Arbu Hala (Sinicized: 阿尔布氏) Ardan Hala (Sinicized: 阿尔丹氏) Argi Hala (Sinicized: 阿尔吉氏) Ariha Hala (Sinicized: 阿礼哈氏) Arla Hala (Sinicized: 阿尔拉氏) Artas Hala (Sinicized: 阿尔塔斯氏) Aru Hala (Sinicized: 阿噜氏) Arurote Hala (Sinicized: 阿噜罗特氏) Arute Hala (Sinicized: 阿鲁特氏) Asuke Hala (Sinicized: 阿苏克氏) Asute Hala (Sinicized: 阿苏特氏) Atamu Hala (Sinicized: 阿塔穆氏) Aturamo Hala (Sinicized: 阿图拉墨氏) Ayan Gioro Hala (Sinicized: 阿颜觉罗氏) Ayantatar Hala (Sinicized: 阿颜塔塔尔氏) B Ba Hala (Sinicized: 把氏) Bagiri Hala (Sinicized: 巴济哩氏) Bai Hala (Sinicized: 柏氏) Bai Hala (Sinicized: 白氏) Baica Hala (Sinicized: 拜察氏) Baican Hala (Sinicized: 拜禅氏) Baidar Hala (Sinicized: 拜达尔氏) Baidu Hala (Sinicized: 拜都氏) Baige Hala (Sinicized: 拜格氏) Baigiya Hala (Sinicized: 拜佳氏) Baigiyara Hala (Sinicized: 拜嘉拉氏) Baijin Hala (Sinicized: 拜津氏) Baksang Hala (Sinicized: 巴克桑氏) Barda Hala (Sinicized: 巴尔达氏) Bari Hala (Sinicized: 巴哩氏) Barin Hala (Sinicized: 巴林氏) Barra Hala (Sinicized: 巴尔拉氏) Barut Hala (Sinicized: 巴鲁特氏) Basun Hala (Sinicized: 巴逊氏) Bayak Hala (Sinicized: 巴雅克氏) Bayan Hala (Sinicized: 巴颜氏) Bayantu Hala (Sinicized: 巴颜图氏) Bayara Hala (Sinicized: 巴雅拉氏) Bayarki Hala (Sinicized: 巴雅尔齐氏) Bayingeri Hala (Sinicized: 拜英格哩氏) Bayot Hala (Sinicized: 巴岳特氏) Bayotu Hala (Sinicized: 巴岳图氏) Beisu Hala (Sinicized: 伯苏氏) Beisut Hala (Sinicized: 伯苏特氏) Bektu Hala (Sinicized: 伯克图氏) Bian Hala (Sinicized: 边氏) Biangiya Hala (Sinicized: 边佳氏) Biaot Hala (Sinicized: 表特氏) Bira Hala (Sinicized: 必喇氏) Biru Hala (Sinicized: 弼噜氏) Birure Hara (Sinicized: 必鲁哷氏) Birya Hala (Sinicized: 弼尔雅氏) Bodisi Hala (Sinicized: 博第斯氏) Boduot Hala (Sinicized: 博多特氏) Boduri Hala (Sinicized: 博都哩氏) Bogulot Hala (Sinicized: 博古罗特氏) Bohelok Hala (Sinicized: 博和罗克氏) Bohite Hala (Sinicized: 博希特氏) Boholo Hala (Sinicized: 博和罗氏) Bohori Hala (Sinicized: 博和哩氏) Boljok Hala (Sinicized: 博勒卓克氏) Bolo Hala (Sinicized: 博啰氏) Bolot Hala (Sinicized: 博罗特氏) Boogi Hala (Sinicized: 宝济氏) Boogiya Hala (Sinicized: 保佳氏) Boorigit Hala (Sinicized: 宝里吉特氏) Borgi Hala (Sinicized: 博尔济氏) Borgigin Hala (Sinicized: 博尔吉津氏) Borgik Hala (Sinicized: 博尔济克氏) Borgisi Hala (Sinicized: 博尔济斯氏) Borgun Hala (Sinicized: 博尔衮氏) Borhigis Hala (Sinicized: 博尔奇济斯氏) Borholo Hala (Sinicized: 博尔和罗氏) Borj1n Hala (Sinicized: 博尔津氏) Borjigit Hala (Sinicized: 博尔济吉特氏) Bork Hala (Sinicized: 博尔克氏) Borkit Hala (Sinicized: 博尔齐特氏) Borsut Hala (Sinicized: 博尔苏特氏) Bosoo Hala (Sinicized: 博硕氏) Budara Hala (Sinicized: 布达喇氏) Bugirgen Hala (Sinicized: 布吉尔根氏) Bugulut Hala (Sinicized: 布古鲁特氏) Bukur Hala (Sinicized: 布库尔氏) Bulamu Hala (Sinicized: 布喇穆氏) Bulca Hala (Sinicized: 布尔察氏) Buldurben Hala (Sinicized: 布楞都尔本氏) Bulhaci Hala (Sinicized: 布勒哈齐氏) Bulni Hala (Sinicized: 布尔尼氏) Bultu Hala (Sinicized: 布尔图氏) Buni Hala (Sinicized: 布尼氏) Burhacit Hala (Sinicized: 布尔哈齐特氏) Burut Hala (Sinicized: 布鲁特氏) Busa Hala (Sinicized: 布萨氏) Busai Hala (Sinicized: 布赛氏) Busi Hala (Sinicized: 布希氏) Busuk Hala (Sinicized: 布苏克氏) Buyamuci Hala (Sinicized: 布雅穆齐氏) C C’ygiya Hala (Sinicized: 持佳氏) Ca Hala (Sinicized: 查氏) Cagiya Hala (Sinicized: 查佳氏) Cahar Hala (Sinicized: 察哈尔氏) Cai Hala (Sinicized: 柴氏) Cai Hala (Sinicized: 蔡氏) Caigiya Hala (Sinicized: 蔡佳氏) Calagiolo Hala (Sinicized: 察喇觉罗氏) Canggiya Hala (Sinicized: 常佳氏) Cao Hala (Sinicized: 曹氏) Caodan Hala (Sinicized: 漕丹氏) Caogiya Hala (Sinicized: 操佳氏) Caomut Hala (Sinicized: 超穆特氏) Ce Hala (Sinicized: 车氏) Cemgun Hala (Sinicized: 彻穆衮氏) Cen Hala (Sinicized: 陈氏) Ceng Hala (Sinicized: 程氏) Cenggiya Hala (Sinicized: 成佳氏) Cengiya Hala (Sinicized: 陈佳氏) Cengni Hala (Sinicized: 成尼氏) Ceyere Hala (Sinicized: 彻叶哷氏) Ci Hala (Sinicized: 戚氏) Ci Hala (Sinicized: 祁氏) Cian Hala (Sinicized: 钱氏) Ciangiya Hala (Sinicized: 钱佳氏) Ciao Hala (Sinicized: 乔氏) Ciaogamuk Hala (Sinicized: 乔噶木克氏) Ciaogiya Hala (Sinicized: 乔佳氏) Cibogio Hala (Sinicized: 齐步樵氏) Cibucut Hala (Sinicized: 齐布楚特氏) Cibukit Hala (Sinicized: 齐布齐特氏) Cidare Hala (Sinicized: 齐达哷氏) Cideri Hala (Sinicized: 奇德哩氏) Cidumu Hala (Sinicized: 奇杜穆氏) Cigiya Hala (Sinicized: 齐佳氏) Cikteng Hala (Sinicized: 齐克腾氏) Cileng Hala (Sinicized: 奇楞氏) Cilik Hala (Sinicized: 齐理克氏) Cimketu Hala (Sinicized: 齐木克图氏) Cimo Hala (Sinicized: 齐墨氏) Cimos Hala (Sinicized: 奇墨斯氏) Cimot Hala (Sinicized: 齐默特氏) Cimuk Hala (Sinicized: 齐穆克氏) Cin Hala (Sinicized: 秦氏) Cinera Hala (Sinicized: 沁鄂喇氏) Cinggeri Hala (Sinicized: 庆格哩氏) Ciog Hala (Sinicized: 秋氏) Ciog Hala (Sinicized: 邱氏) Ciogiya Hala (Sinicized: 秋佳氏) Ciosuri Hala (Sinicized: 秋舒哩氏) Cirbosu Hala (Sinicized: 齐尔博苏氏) Cirgote Hala (Sinicized: 奇尔果特氏) Citela Hala (Sinicized: 奇塔喇氏) Ciu Hala (Sinicized: 屈氏) Ciu Hala (Sinicized: 曲氏) Ciugiya Hala (Sinicized: 屈佳氏) Ciwangiya Hala (Sinicized: 全佳氏) Ciya Hala (Sinicized: 强氏) Ciyahiri Hala (Sinicized: 强恰哩氏) Ciyakala Hala (Sinicized: 恰喀拉氏) Ciyala Hala (Sinicized: 恰喇氏) Ciyarya Hala (Sinicized: 强尔雅氏) Ciyat Hala (Sinicized: 恰特氏) Cogira Hala (Sinicized: 崇吉喇氏) Cogoru Hala (Sinicized: 崇果噜氏) Cokcin Hala (Sinicized: 绰克秦氏) Colo Hala (Sinicized: 绰罗氏) Colos Hala (Sinicized: 绰罗斯氏) Congnile Hala (Sinicized: 丛尼勒氏) Cu Hala (Sinicized: 褚氏) Cui Hala (Sinicized: 崔氏) Cuigiya Hala (Sinicized: 崔佳氏) Cuihokin Hala (Sinicized: 吹霍克亲氏) Cuijuk Hala (Sinicized: 崔珠克氏) Cuimulu Hala (Sinicized: 崔穆鲁氏) Cukule Hala (Sinicized: 楚库勒氏) Cibukinut Hala (Sinicized: 齐布齐努特氏) Cilei Hala (Sinicized: 奇垒氏) Ciyogamut Hala (Sinicized: 齐岳噶穆特氏) D Dagiya Hala (Sinicized: 大佳氏) Dahuri Hala (Sinicized: 达呼哩氏) Dai Hala (Sinicized: 戴氏) Daibolo Hala (Sinicized: 戴卜罗氏) Daicit Hala (Sinicized: 岱齐特氏) Daigiya Hala (Sinicized: 戴佳氏) Dalaminan Hala (Sinicized: 达喇明安氏) Dalok Hala (Sinicized: 达啰克氏) Dalute Hala (Sinicized: 达鲁特氏) Daputu Hala (Sinicized: 达普图氏) Darcongga Hala (Sinicized: 达尔充阿氏) Darkun Hala (Sinicized: 达尔坤氏) Dartao Hala (Sinicized: 达尔陶氏) Dedun Hala (Sinicized: 德敦氏) Dedure Hala (Sinicized: 德都哷氏) Deng Hala (Sinicized: 邓氏) Detecit Hala (Sinicized: 德特齐特氏) Ding Hala (Sinicized: 丁氏) Dinggiri Hala (Sinicized: 定吉哩氏) Dkdari Hala (Sinicized: 都克塔理氏) Docin Hala (Sinicized: 多秦氏) Dogin Hala (Sinicized: 多锦氏) Dohing Hala (Sinicized: 多兴氏) Dolar Hala (Sinicized: 多拉尔氏) Dolo Hala (Sinicized: 多啰氏) Dolohog Hala (Sinicized: 多罗宏氏) Dolok Hala (Sinicized: 多罗科氏) Dong Hala (Sinicized: 董氏) Dongga Hala (Sinicized: 栋阿氏) Donggiya Hala (Sinicized: 佟佳氏) Donggiya Hala (Sinicized: 栋佳氏) Donggo Hala (Sinicized: 董鄂氏) Donggor Hala (Sinicized: 冬果尔氏) Dorgun Hala (Sinicized: 多尔衮氏) Dortara Hala (Sinicized: 多尔塔喇氏) Du Hala (Sinicized: 杜氏) Duan Hala (Sinicized: 段氏) Ducile Hala (Sinicized: 杜奇勒氏) Dugiya Hala (Sinicized: 都佳氏) Dukda Hala (Sinicized: 都克达氏) Dulara Hala (Sinicized: 都拉喇氏) Duneheng Hala (Sinicized: 都讷亨氏) Dure Hala (Sinicized: 都勒氏) Durha Hala (Sinicized: 都尔哈氏) Duri Hala (Sinicized: 都哩氏) Durre Hala (Sinicized: 都尔勒氏) Duru Hala (Sinicized: 都噜氏) Dusan Hala (Sinicized: 都善氏) Duwargiya Hala (Sinicized: 都瓦尔佳氏) Duyar Hala (Sinicized: 都雅尔氏) E Elhuiejet Hala (Sinicized: 额勒辉额哲特氏) Ecin Hala (Sinicized: 鄂秦氏) Ecolo Hala (Sinicized: 鄂绰罗氏) Egiri Hala (Sinicized: 鄂济哩氏) Egit Hala (Sinicized: 鄂济特氏) Eje Hala (Sinicized: 额哲氏) Ejet Hala (Sinicized: 额哲特氏) Ejo Hala (Sinicized: 鄂卓氏) Eju Hala (Sinicized: 额珠氏) Ejut Hala (Sinicized: 额珠特氏) Elakun Hala (Sinicized: 鄂拉坤氏) Elcolo Hala (Sinicized: 鄂勒绰啰氏) Elgeji Hala (Sinicized: 额尔格济氏) Elgetu Hala (Sinicized: 额尔格图氏) Elhe Hala (Sinicized: 额勒赫氏) Elo Hala (Sinicized: 鄂啰氏) Emit Hala (Sinicized: 鄂密特氏) Emok Hala (Sinicized: 鄂谟克氏) Emoto Hala (Sinicized: 鄂谟拖氏) Emuco Hala (Sinicized: 鄂木绰氏) Emutri Hala (Sinicized: 额木特理氏) Engite Hala (Sinicized: 鄂恩济特氏) Eno Hala (Sinicized: 鄂诺氏) Eraben Hala (Sinicized: 鄂拉本氏) Ercin Hala (Sinicized: 鄂尔沁氏) Erdun Hala (Sinicized: 鄂尔敦氏) Erge Hala (Sinicized: 鄂尔格氏) Ergeten Hala (Sinicized: 额尔格特恩氏) Ergi Hala (Sinicized: 额尔吉氏) Ergis Hala (Sinicized: 鄂勒济斯氏) Ergonote Hala (Sinicized: 鄂尔果诺特氏) Erik Hala (Sinicized: 鄂礼克氏) Erimusu Hala (Sinicized: 鄂里木苏氏) Erket Hala (Sinicized: 鄂尔克特氏) Erkule Hala (Sinicized: 额尔库勒氏) Ertu Hala (Sinicized: 额尔图氏) Ertut Hala (Sinicized: 鄂尔图特氏) Ese Hala (Sinicized: 额色氏) Esolo Hala (Sinicized: 鄂索啰氏) Esurhu Hala (Sinicized: 鄂苏尔瑚氏) Esuri Hala (Sinicized: 额苏哩氏) Eto Hala (Sinicized: 额托氏) Etung Hala (Sinicized: 鄂通氏) Eyisu Hala (Sinicized: 额宜苏氏) Eyo Hala (Sinicized: 鄂岳氏) Eyot Hala (Sinicized: 额玉特氏) F Fan Hala (Sinicized: 范氏) Fang Hala (Sinicized: 房氏) Fang Hala (Sinicized: 方氏) Fanggiya Hala (Sinicized: 方佳氏) Fangiya Hala (Sinicized: 范佳氏) Fedosimori Hala (Sinicized: 佛多锡墨理氏) Fei Hala (Sinicized: 费氏) Feigiya Hala (Sinicized: 费佳氏) Feimo Hala (Sinicized: 费莫氏) Feiya Hala (Sinicized: 费雅氏) Feiyangu Hala (Sinicized: 费仰古氏) Feng Hala (Sinicized: 冯氏) Fenggiya Hala (Sinicized: 丰佳氏) Fu Hala (Sinicized: 傅氏) Fuca Hala (Sinicized: 富察氏) Fucen Hala (Sinicized: 敷辰氏) Fuciri Hala (Sinicized: 傅锡哩氏) Fugiya Hala (Sinicized: 傅佳氏) Fujuri Hala (Sinicized: 富珠哩氏) Fulha Hala (Sinicized: 富勒哈氏) Fulkuru Hala (Sinicized: 富勒库噜氏) Fuse Hala (Sinicized: 富森氏) Fusere Hala (Sinicized: 富色哷氏) Fusi Hala (Sinicized: 福锡氏) Fusuhu Hala (Sinicized: 富苏瑚氏) Fusuku Hala (Sinicized: 富思库氏) Futa Hala (Sinicized: 福塔氏) G Gilaminemat Hala (Sinicized: 济喇敏鄂玛特氏) Giranggiwarka Hala (Sinicized: 吉郎吉瓦尔喀氏) Girgi Hala (Sinicized: 吉尔吉氏) Giyamhugiolo Hala (Sinicized: 嘉穆湖觉罗氏) Gi Hala (Sinicized: 姬氏) Gi Hala (Sinicized: 季氏) Gi Hala (Sinicized: 纪氏) giagiya Hala (Sinicized: 贾佳氏) Giao Hala (Sinicized: 焦氏) Gibucu Hala (Sinicized: 吉布褚氏) Gigiya Hala (Sinicized: 纪佳氏) Gilara Hala (Sinicized: 济拉喇氏) Gilat Hala (Sinicized: 吉喇特氏) Gilut Hala (Sinicized: 济鲁特氏) Gin Hala (Sinicized: 晋氏) Gin Hala (Sinicized: 金氏) Gin Hala (Sinicized: 靳氏) Ging Hala (Sinicized: 井氏) Gingciri Hala (Sinicized: 精奇哩氏) Ginggeri Hala (Sinicized: 精格哩氏) Ginggi Hala (Sinicized: 精吉氏) Ginggigi Hala (Sinicized: 精吉集氏) Ginggiya Hala (Sinicized: 景佳氏) Gingiya Hala (Sinicized: 金佳氏) Ginmit Hala (Sinicized: 金米特氏) Giocan Hala (Sinicized: 觉禅氏) Giogiya Hala (Sinicized: 觉佳氏) Giolocan Hala (Sinicized: 觉罗禅氏) Giorca Hala (Sinicized: 觉尔察氏) Girbis Hala (Sinicized: 吉尔必斯氏) Giri Hala (Sinicized: 济礼氏) Giritu Hala (Sinicized: 吉礼图氏) Giru Hala (Sinicized: 吉噜氏) Git Hala (Sinicized: 济特氏) Giya Hala (Sinicized: 假氏) Giya Hala (Sinicized: 贾氏) Giyabutala Hala (Sinicized: 嘉布塔喇氏) Giyagiri Hala (Sinicized: 佳吉哩氏) Giyagiya Hala (Sinicized: 嘉佳氏) Giyahama Hala (Sinicized: 嘉哈玛氏) Giyajan Hala (Sinicized: 嘉瞻氏) Giyamhu Hala (Sinicized: 嘉穆呼氏) Giyang Hala (Sinicized: 姜氏) Giyang Hala (Sinicized: 江氏) Giyang Hala (Sinicized: 蒋氏) Giyanggi Hala (Sinicized: 江吉氏) Giyanggiya Hala (Sinicized: 姜佳氏) Giyanggiya Hala (Sinicized: 蒋佳氏) H Hegiya Hala (Sinicized: 赫佳氏) Hešeri Hala (Sinicized: 赫舍里氏) Hinggiya Hala (Sinicized: 性佳氏) I Ilrgi Hala (Sinicized: 伊勒尔济氏) I Hala (Sinicized: 伊氏) I Hala (Sinicized: 宜氏) Ibe Hala (Sinicized: 伊伯氏) Ibucit Hala (Sinicized: 伊布齐特氏) Iin Hala (Sinicized: 任氏) Iingiya Hala (Sinicized: 仁佳氏) Ijar Hala (Sinicized: 伊扎尔氏) Ikderi Hala (Sinicized: 伊克得里氏) Ikminga Hala (Sinicized: 伊克明安氏) Ikulu Hala (Sinicized: 伊库鲁氏) Ilaci Hala (Sinicized: 伊拉齐氏) Ilan Hala (Sinicized: 伊喇氏) Ilari Hala (Sinicized: 伊拉哩氏) Ilmen Hala (Sinicized: 伊勒们氏) Ilmu Hala (Sinicized: 伊勒穆氏) Imu Hala (Sinicized: 伊穆氏) Imutu Hala (Sinicized: 伊穆图氏) Inde Hala (Sinicized: 润德氏) Io Hala (Sinicized: 尤氏) Ioge Hala (Sinicized: 猷格氏) Iogiya Hala (Sinicized: 猷佳氏) Iohulu Hala (Sinicized: 佑祜鲁氏) Iongloku Hala (Sinicized: 攸啰库氏) Iongsebu Hala (Sinicized: 永舍布氏) Irgen Gioro Hala (Sinicized: 伊尔根觉罗氏) Irgiya Hala (Sinicized: 伊尔佳氏) Irha Hala (Sinicized: 伊尔哈氏) Irkule Hala (Sinicized: 伊尔库勒氏) Isu Hala (Sinicized: 伊苏氏) Itemo Hala (Sinicized: 宜特墨氏) Itumo Hala (Sinicized: 伊图默氏) J Jayajala Hala (Sinicized: 扎雅扎喇氏) Joyan Hala (Sinicized: 周延氏) Jurgitemok Hala (Sinicized: 珠尔吉特鄂谟克氏) Jahacit Hala (Sinicized: 扎哈齐特氏) Ja Hala (Sinicized: 扎哈拉氏) Jahama Hala (Sinicized: 扎哈玛氏) Jahasucin Hala (Sinicized: 扎哈苏沁氏) Jaigiya Hala (Sinicized: 翟佳氏) Jakta Hala (Sinicized: 扎克塔氏) Jaku Hala (Sinicized: 扎库氏) Jakuta Hala (Sinicized: 扎库塔氏) Jala Hala (Sinicized: 扎拉氏) Jalai Hala (Sinicized: 扎赖氏) Jalar Hala (Sinicized: 扎拉尔氏) Jalari Hala (Sinicized: 扎拉哩氏) Jalarora Hala (Sinicized: 扎拉尔敖拉氏) Jaluca Hala (Sinicized: 扎鲁察氏) Jalut Hala (Sinicized*: 扎噜特氏) Jamtai Hala (Sinicized: 扎木泰氏) Jamuken Hala (Sinicized: 扎穆恳氏) Jamur Hala (Sinicized: 扎穆尔氏) Jamuya Hala (Sinicized: 扎穆雅氏) Jancuhun Hala (Sinicized: 瞻楚浑氏) Jang Hala (Sinicized*: 张氏) Jang Hala (Sinicized: 章氏) Jangci Hala (Sinicized: 章齐氏) Janggin (Sinicized: 彰锦氏) Janggiya Hala (Sinicized: 章佳氏) Jangjar Hala (Sinicized: 彰扎尔氏) Jangmu Hala (Sinicized: 章穆氏) Jangturi Hala (Sinicized: 章图哩氏) Janni Hala (Sinicized: 占尼氏) Jarit Hala (Sinicized: 扎哩特氏) Jas’huuri Hala (Sinicized: 扎思瑚哩氏) Jasuri Hala (Sinicized: 扎苏哩氏) Jatehei Hala (Sinicized: 扎特黑氏) Jebe Hala (Sinicized: 哲伯氏) Jeng Hala (Sinicized: 郑氏) Jenggiya Hala (Sinicized: 郑佳氏) Jengnelut Hala (Sinicized: 正讷鲁特氏) Jerde Hala (Sinicized*: 哲尔德氏) Jergi Hala (Sinicized: 哲尔齐氏) Jeri Hala (Sinicized: 哲哩氏) Jo Hala (Sinicized: 周氏) Jobalut Hala (Sinicized: 卓巴鲁特氏) Joceng Hala (Sinicized: 周成氏) Joci Hala (Sinicized: 卓奇氏) Jocicubut Hala (Sinicized: 卓齐楚布特氏) Jocis Hala (Sinicized: 卓启斯氏) Jodomu Hala (Sinicized: 卓多穆氏) Jogin Hala (Sinicized: 卓津氏) Jogiya Hala (Sinicized: 卓佳氏) Jok Hala (Sinicized: 卓克氏) Jokgiya Hala (Sinicized: 卓克佳氏) Jong Hala (Sinicized: 宗氏) Jong Hala (Sinicized: 钟氏) Jonggi Hala (Sinicized: 钟吉氏) Jonggiya Hala (Sinicized: 宗佳氏) Joo Hala (Sinicized: 赵氏) Joo Hala (Sinicized: 邹氏) Joobar Hala (Sinicized: 兆巴尔氏) Joodarhan Hala (Sinicized: 兆达尔汉氏) Joogiya Hala (Sinicized: 兆佳氏) Joogiya Hala (Sinicized: 肇佳氏) Joogiya Hala (Sinicized: 邹佳氏) Jookit Hala (Sinicized: 兆齐特氏) Joole Hala (Sinicized: 兆垒氏) Joolot Hala (Sinicized: 兆啰特氏) Jooyut Hala (Sinicized: 赵禹特氏) Jorgut Hala (Sinicized: 卓尔古特氏) Jorhecin Hala (Sinicized: 卓尔和沁氏) Jort Hala (Sinicized: 卓尔特氏) Josan Hala (Sinicized: 卓显氏) Ju Hala (Sinicized: 朱氏) Juge Hala (Sinicized: 珠格氏) Jugede Hala (Sinicized: 珠格德氏) Jugiya Hala (Sinicized: 珠佳氏) Jugiya Hala (Sinicized: 组佳氏) Juhere Hala (Sinicized: 珠赫哷氏) Jurgen Hala (Sinicized: 珠尔根氏) Jurgun Hala (Sinicized: 朱尔衮氏) Jurk Hala (Sinicized: 珠尔克氏) Jurki Hala (Sinicized: 珠尔奇氏) Jurkit Hala (Sinicized: 珠尔奇特氏) Jursu Hala (Sinicized: 珠尔苏氏) Juru Hala (Sinicized: 珠鲁氏) Jusiri Hala (Sinicized: 珠锡哩氏) Juweci Hala (Sinicized: 准齐氏) Juweta Hala (Sinicized: 专塔氏) Juwete Hala (Sinicized: 卓特氏) Juyala Hala (Sinicized: 珠雅拉氏) K Kacut Hala (Sinicized: 喀楚特氏) Kagelr Hala (Sinicized: 卡格依尔氏) Kailun Hala (Sinicized: 凯隆氏) Kaiyan Hala (Sinicized: 恺颜氏) Kaksiri Hala (Sinicized: 喀克锡哩氏) kala Hala (Sinicized: 喀喇氏) Kaldasu Hala (Sinicized: 喀勒达苏氏) Kang Hala (Sinicized: 康氏) Kanggeda Hala (Sinicized: 慷杰达氏) Kangsiri Hala (Sinicized: 康锡哩氏) Kangyili Hala (Sinicized: 康仪理氏) Karcin Hala (Sinicized: 喀喇沁氏) Karja Hala (Sinicized: 喀尔佳氏) Karku Hala (Sinicized: 喀尔库氏) Karla Hala (Sinicized: 喀尔拉氏) Karlaha Hala (Sinicized: 喀尔拉哈氏) Karnot Hala (Sinicized: 喀尔诺特氏) Karnuk Hala (Sinicized: 喀尔努克氏) Kartagir Hala (Sinicized: 卡尔他吉尔氏) Kay Hala (Sinicized: 卡宜氏) Kertelr Hala (Sinicized: 柯尔特依尔氏) Keben Hala (Sinicized: 科本氏) Keciri Hala (Sinicized: 科奇哩氏) Kein Hala (Sinicized: 克音氏) Kelde Hala (Sinicized: 克勒德氏) Kemucu Hala (Sinicized: 克穆楚氏) Kemucut Hala (Sinicized: 克穆楚特氏) Kemukit Hala (Sinicized: 克穆齐特氏) Kercin Hala (Sinicized: 科尔沁氏) Kerde Hala (Sinicized: 克尔德氏) Kere Hala (Sinicized: 克哷氏) Kerit Hala (Sinicized: 克哩特氏) Kersun Hala (Sinicized: 科尔逊氏) Kerut Hala (Sinicized: 克哷特氏) Kesiketeng Hala (Sinicized: 克什克腾氏) Kete Hala (Sinicized: 科特氏) Keyere Hala (Sinicized: 克叶哷氏) Keykere Hala (Sinicized: 克依克哷氏) Kodai Hala (Sinicized: 叩岱氏) Kode Hala (Sinicized: 叩德氏) Koken Hala (Sinicized: 扣恳氏) Kong Hala (Sinicized: 孔氏) Konggolo Hala (Sinicized: 崆果啰氏) Kongkeri Hala (Sinicized: 崆克礼氏) Kongnila Hala (Sinicized: 孔尼喇氏) Koocoli Hala (Sinicized: 阔绰里氏) Kubuke Hala (Sinicized: 库布克氏) Kubut Hala (Sinicized: 库发廷氏) Kubut Hala (Sinicized: 库布特氏) Kuicelik Hala (Sinicized: 奎车里克氏) Kuigiya Hala (Sinicized: 奎佳氏) Kuilong Hala (Sinicized: 揆龙氏) Kumutu Hala (Sinicized: 库穆图氏) Kundule Hala (Sinicized: 琨都勒氏) Kuwarda Hala (Sinicized: 夸尔达氏) Kuyala Hala (Sinicized: 库雅拉氏) L Lai Hala (Sinicized: 赖氏) Laibu Hala (Sinicized: 赖布氏) Laimo Hala (Sinicized: 来默氏) Lakule Hala (Sinicized: 拉库勒氏) Lang Hala (Sinicized: 郎氏) Langgiya Hala (Sinicized: 郎佳氏) Layan Hala (Sinicized: 拉颜氏) Ledi Hala (Sinicized: 勒第氏) Lei Hala (Sinicized: 雷氏) Lengburcin Hala (Sinicized: 楞布尔勤氏) Li Hala (Sinicized: 李氏) Liang Hala (Sinicized: 梁氏) Lianggiya Hala (Sinicized: 良佳氏) Ligiya Hala (Sinicized: 李佳氏) Lin Hala (Sinicized: 刘氏) Lin Hala (Sinicized: 林氏) Linggirl Hala (Sinicized: 留济理氏) Lingiya Hala (Sinicized: 林佳氏) Lingiya Hala (Sinicized: 留佳氏) Litari Hala (Sinicized: 理塔哩氏) Liyala Hala (Sinicized: 李雅拉氏) Liyu Hala (Sinicized: 吕氏) Lo Hala (Sinicized: 罗氏) Loca Hala (Sinicized: 罗察氏) Logiya Hala (Sinicized: 罗佳氏) Long Hala (Sinicized: 龙氏) Loyo Hala (Sinicized: 罗岳氏) Lu Hala (Sinicized: 卢氏) Lu Hala (Sinicized: 陆氏) Luruhuo Hala (Sinicized: 卢如火氏) M Morjigite Hala (Sinicized: 墨尔济吉特氏) Ma Hala (Sinicized: 马氏) Maca Hala (Sinicized: 玛察氏) Magiya Hala (Sinicized: 马佳氏) Magus Hala (Sinicized: 玛古思氏) Magut Hala (Sinicized: 玛古特氏) Mahalr Hala (Sinicized: 玛那依尔氏) Majak Hala (Sinicized: 玛扎克氏) Malakur Hala (Sinicized: 玛拉库尔氏) Malalr Hala (Sinicized: 玛拉依尔氏) Malangga Hala (Sinicized: 玛朗阿氏) Malara Hala (Sinicized: 玛喇拉氏) Manggenut Hala (Sinicized: 莽格努特氏) Manggico Hala (Sinicized: 莽吉绰氏) Manggiya Hala (Sinicized: 莽佳氏) Manggo Hala (Sinicized: 莽果氏) Mangin Hala (Sinicized: 满津氏) Mangnut Hala (Sinicized: 莽努特氏) Manja Hala (Sinicized: 满扎氏) Maoyi Hala (Sinicized: 茂仪氏) Mardan Hala (Sinicized: 玛尔丹氏) Margit Hala (Sinicized: 玛尔吉特氏) Martun Hala (Sinicized: 玛尔屯氏) Mei Hala (Sinicized: 梅氏) Meigiya Hala (Sinicized: 梅佳氏) Meiheri Hala (Sinicized: 梅赫哩氏) Meile Hala (Sinicized: 梅勒氏) Meileng Hala (Sinicized: 梅楞氏) Meng Hala (Sinicized: 孟氏) Mengero Hala (Sinicized: 蒙鄂啰氏) Menggiya Hala (Sinicized: 盟佳氏) Menggosi Hala (Sinicized: 蒙果资氏) Menggucu Hala (Sinicized: 蒙古楚氏) Menggurgi Hala (Sinicized: 蒙古尔济氏) Mengkyire Hala (Sinicized: 孟克伊哷氏) Mengnat Hala (Sinicized: 莽那特氏) Miao Hala (Sinicized: 苗氏) Migiya Hala (Sinicized: 米佳氏) Mija Hala (Sinicized: 密扎氏) Min Hala (Sinicized: 闵氏) Minggan Hala (Sinicized: 明安氏) Mo Hala (Sinicized: 莫氏) Mogiya Hala (Sinicized: 墨佳氏) Mohuri Hala (Sinicized: 墨呼哩氏) Mokele Hala (Sinicized: 墨克勒氏) Moketing Hala (Sinicized: 墨克廷氏) Moketo Hala (Sinicized: 谟克拖氏) Molci Hala (Sinicized: 墨勒齐氏) Molciri Hala (Sinicized: 谟勒齐哩氏) Moldire Hala (Sinicized: 墨勒迪哷氏) Moljere Hala (Sinicized: 墨勒哲哷氏) Moneher Hala (Sinicized: 墨讷赫尔氏) Mongeso Hala (Sinicized: 蒙鄂索氏) Monggo Hala (Sinicized: 蒙果氏) Monggu Hala (Sinicized: 蒙古氏) Mongguri Hala (Sinicized: 蒙古里氏) Morci Hala (Sinicized: 墨尔齐氏) Morcin Hala (Sinicized: 墨尔秦氏) Morcit Hala (Sinicized: 墨尔奇特氏) Mordaja Hala (Sinicized: 墨尔达扎氏) Mordi Hala (Sinicized: 墨尔迪氏) Mordin Hala (Sinicized: 莫尔登氏) More Hala (Sinicized: 墨哷氏) Morgi Hala (Sinicized: 墨尔吉氏) Morho Hala (Sinicized: 墨尔赫氏) Mosire Hala (Sinicized: 谟锡哷氏) Moyolo Hala (Sinicized: 谟岳啰氏) Mu Hala (Sinicized: 牧氏) Mu Hala (Sinicized: 穆氏) Muca Hala (Sinicized: 穆察氏) Mudaci Hala (Sinicized: 穆达齐氏) Mugiya Hala (Sinicized: 穆佳氏) Muhelin Hala (Sinicized: 穆和林氏) Mukderi Hala (Sinicized: 木克得立氏) Muki Hala (Sinicized: 穆齐氏) Muktu Hala (Sinicized: 穆克图氏) Mulde Hala (Sinicized: 穆勒德氏) Muliyalian Hala (Sinicized: 穆里雅连氏) Murca Hala (Sinicized: 穆尔察氏) Muru Hala (Sinicized: 穆鲁氏) Musecen Hala (Sinicized: 穆色辰氏) Muya Hala (Sinicized: 穆雅氏) Muyan Hala (Sinicized: 穆颜氏) N Nahata Hala (Sinicized: 纳哈塔氏) Naikiri Hala (Sinicized: 鼐奇哩氏) Naikite Hala (Sinicized: 鼐奇特氏) Naiman Hala (Sinicized: 奈曼氏) Nakta Hala (Sinicized: 那克塔氏) Nalgiya Hala (Sinicized: 那勒加氏) Namdulu Hala (Sinicized: 那木都鲁氏) Namutu Hala (Sinicized: 那木图氏) Nanfulu Hala (Sinicized: 南福禄氏) Nanggiya Hala (Sinicized: 囊佳氏) Nanggiyat Hala (Sinicized: 囊佳特氏) Nara Hala (Sinicized: 纳喇氏) Narai Hala (Sinicized: 纳赖氏) Nata Hala (Sinicized: 纳塔氏) Naya Hala (Sinicized: 纳雅氏) Nayi Hala (Sinicized: 纳伊氏) Nedi Hala (Sinicized: 讷迪氏) Nere Hala (Sinicized: 讷哷氏) Ni Hala (Sinicized: 倪氏) Nigele Hala (Sinicized: 尼格勒氏) Nigiya Hala (Sinicized: 尼佳氏) Niheri Hala (Sinicized: 尼赫理氏) Nijuhun Hala (Sinicized: 尼珠珲氏) Nikiri Hala (Sinicized: 尼奇哩氏) Nila Hala (Sinicized: 尼拉氏) Nimaca Hala (Sinicized: 尼玛察氏) Nimaci Hala (Sinicized: 尼玛奇氏) Nimaha Hala (Sinicized: 尼玛哈氏) Nimanggi Hala (Sinicized: 尼满吉氏) Ning Hala (Sinicized: 宁氏) Ning Hala (Sinicized: 聂氏) Ninggeri Hala (Sinicized: 聂格哩氏) Ninggiya Hala (Sinicized: 宁佳氏) Ninggiya Hala (Sinicized: 聂佳氏) Ninggiyat Hala (Sinicized: 宁佳特氏) Ningguta Hala (Sinicized: 宁古塔氏) Ninju Hala (Sinicized: 尼珠氏) Nio Hala (Sinicized: 牛氏) Nio Hala (Sinicized: 钮氏) Niogiya Hala (Sinicized: 牛佳氏) Niohe Hala (Sinicized: 钮赫氏) Niohere Hala (Sinicized: 钮赫哷氏) Niohule Hala (Sinicized: 钮胡勒氏) Niohuru Hala (Sinicized: 钮祜禄氏) Niohurubu Hala (Sinicized: 钮祜禄布氏) Niohut Hala (Sinicized: 钮瑚特氏) Niolun Hala (Sinicized: 钮抡氏) Niotu Hala (Sinicized: 钮图氏) Niowanggiyan Hala (Sinicized: 钮旺坚氏) Nioyan Hala (Sinicized: 钮颜氏) Niri Hala (Sinicized: 尼理氏) Nisa Hala (Sinicized: 尼沙氏) Nisiri Hala (Sinicized: 尼锡哩氏) Niyangniya Hala (Sinicized: 尼扬尼雅氏) Niyngtu Hala (Sinicized: 尼音图氏) Niyongt Hala (Sinicized: 尼庸特氏) Nolo Hala (Sinicized: 诺罗氏) Nonggile Hala (Sinicized: 农吉勒氏) NonrHala (Sinicized: 努尔哈拉氏) Noulet Hala (Sinicized: 诺勒特氏) Nouliet Hala (Sinicized: 耨埒特氏) Nulu Hala (Sinicized: 努鲁氏) Nurhan Hala (Sinicized: 努尔汉氏) Nutelun Hala (Sinicized: 努特伦氏) P Pan Hala (Sinicized: 潘氏) Pang Hala (Sinicized: 庞氏) Panggiya Hala (Sinicized: 庞佳氏) Pei Hala (Sinicized: 裴氏) Peigiya Hala (Sinicized: 培佳氏) Peng Hala (Sinicized: 彭氏) Piao Hala (Sinicized: 朴氏) Piaogiya Hala (Sinicized: 飘佳氏) Po Hala (Sinicized: 坡氏) Pogiya Hala (Sinicized: 颇佳氏) Pugiya Hala (Sinicized: 普佳氏) R Rao Hala (Sinicized: 劳氏) Raoguo Hala (Sinicized: 老沟氏) Ru Hala (Sinicized: 鲁氏) Ruburi Hala (Sinicized: 鲁布哩氏) Ruyere Hala (Sinicized: 禄叶哷氏) S Sailgi Hala (Sinicized: 塞楞吉氏) Saiynsartu Hala (Sinicized: 赛音萨尔图氏) Salatuluteng Hala (Sinicized: 沙喇图鲁腾氏) Selje Hala (Sinicized: 色勒杰氏) Sereri Hala (Sinicized: 色哷哩氏) Sernoloyasu Hala (Sinicized: 舍尔诺罗雅苏氏) Socala Hala (Sinicized: 索察喇氏) Suduri Hala (Sinicized: 苏都哩氏) Saca Hala (Sinicized: 萨察氏) Saca Giorca Hala (Sinicized: 塔察觉尔察氏) Sacahai Hala (Sinicized: 沙查海氏) Sadala Hala (Sinicized: 沙达喇氏) Sahalgi Hala (Sinicized: 萨哈勒济氏) Sahalian Hala (Sinicized: 萨哈连氏) Saharca Hala (Sinicized: 萨哈尔察氏) Saiheri Hala (Sinicized: 塞赫哩氏) Saiktu Hala (Sinicized: 塞克图氏) Saimire Hala (Sinicized: 赛密哷氏) Sakca Hala (Sinicized: 萨克察氏) Sakda Hala (Sinicized: 萨克达氏) Sala Hala (Sinicized: 沙拉氏) Salatak Hala (Sinicized: 萨拉塔克氏) Salatjo Hala (Sinicized: 萨喇特卓氏) Salatu Hala (Sinicized: 萨喇图氏) Saljut Hala (Sinicized: 萨勒珠特氏) Samala Hala (Sinicized: 萨玛喇氏) Samargi Hala (Sinicized: 萨玛尔吉氏) Samusir Hala (Sinicized: 萨木希尔氏) Sang Hala (Sinicized: 商氏) Sang Hala (Sinicized: 尚氏) Sanggiya Hala (Sinicized: 商佳氏) Sardu Hala (Sinicized: 萨尔都氏) Sartu Hala (Sinicized: 萨尔图氏) Sartuk Hala (Sinicized: 萨尔图克氏) Sartun Hala (Sinicized: 萨尔屯氏) Sarut Hala (Sinicized: 萨噜特氏) Sayot Hala (Sinicized: 沙岳特氏) Sece Hala (Sinicized: 色彻氏) Semukiri Hala (Sinicized: 色木奇哩氏) Sen Hala (Sinicized: 沈氏) Senggiya Hala (Sinicized: 盛佳氏) Sengiya Hala (Sinicized: 申佳氏) Senmuri Hala (Sinicized: 申穆哩氏) Seyan Hala (Sinicized: 舍颜氏) Si Hala (Sinicized: 史氏) Si Hala (Sinicized: 司氏) Si Hala (Sinicized: 施氏) Si Hala (Sinicized: 时氏) Si Hala (Sinicized: 石氏) Sia Hala (Sinicized: 夏氏) Siandacan Hala (Sinicized: 贤达禅氏) Siang Hala (Sinicized: 向氏) Siboocan Hala (Sinicized: 实宝禅氏) Siburu Hala (Sinicized: 希卜鲁氏) Sibusu Hala (Sinicized: 希卜苏氏) Sicigir Hala (Sinicized: 席奇吉尔氏) Sie Hala (Sinicized: 谢氏) Sifaci Hala (Sinicized: 西法齐氏) Sifuca Hala (Sinicized: 石富察氏) Sigiya Hala (Sinicized: 司佳氏) Sigiya Hala (Sinicized: 石佳氏) Sija Hala (Sinicized: 喜瞻氏) Sikde Hala (Sinicized: 锡克德氏) Sikegira Hala (Sinicized: 锡克济拉氏) Sikteri Hala (Sinicized: 锡克特哩氏) Silde Hala (Sinicized: 锡喇德氏) Silergi Hala (Sinicized: 锡勒尔吉氏) Silin Hala (Sinicized: 锡璘氏) Silin Gioro Hala (Sinicized: 西林觉罗氏) Siltu Hala (Sinicized: 锡喇图氏) Siluk Hala (Sinicized: 锡鲁克氏) Silut Hala (Sinicized: 席鲁特氏) Simara Hala (Sinicized: 锡玛喇氏) Simolie Hala (Sinicized: 锡墨埒氏) Simulu Hala (Sinicized: 石穆鲁氏) Sin Hala (Sinicized: 辛氏) Sinaminga Hala (Sinicized: 锡纳明安氏) Sinecuk Hala (Sinicized: 锡讷楚克氏) Sinet Hala (Sinicized: 锡讷特氏) Sing Hala (Sinicized: 邢氏) Sinurhu Hala (Sinicized: 希努尔呼氏) Sio Hala (Sinicized: 肖氏) Sio Hala (Sinicized: 萧氏) Sira Hala (Sinicized: 锡喇氏) Sirbi Hala (Sinicized: 锡尔弼氏) Sirdet Hala (Sinicized: 锡尔德特氏) Sire Hala (Sinicized: 实哷氏) Sirgiya Hala (Sinicized: 奚尔佳氏) Sirha Hala (Sinicized: 锡尔哈氏) Sirhin Hala (Sinicized: 锡尔馨氏) Sirtu Hala (Sinicized: 锡尔图氏) Sisar Hala (Sinicized: 希萨尔氏) Sisiya Hala (Sinicized: 锡强氏) Sitara Hala (Sinicized: 喜塔喇氏) Siu Hala (Sinicized: 徐氏) Siu Hala (Sinicized: 许氏) Siuca Hala (Sinicized: 叙察氏) Siugi Hala (Sinicized: 徐吉氏) Siugiya Hala (Sinicized: 徐佳氏) Siuncaol Hala (Sinicized: 逊绰尔氏) Siungin Hala (Sinicized: 逊津氏) Siuniyaote Hala (Sinicized: 逊尼耀特氏) Siyogiya Hala (Sinicized: 休佳氏) Siyoheri Hala (Sinicized: 修和理氏) Siyomori Hala (Sinicized: 修墨哩氏) So Hala (Sinicized: 受氏) Soca Hala (Sinicized: 索察氏) Soceri Hala (Sinicized: 索彻哩氏) Soceri Hala (Sinicized: 索齐哷氏) Socolo Hala (Sinicized: 索绰罗氏) Socoro Hala (Sinicized: 索绰尔氏) Sodoli Hala (Sinicized: 索多哩氏) Sogiya Hala (Sinicized: 索佳氏) Sogiyala Hala (Sinicized: 索济雅喇氏) Soiehogin Hala (Sinicized: 索勒霍金氏) Solocia Hala (Sinicized: 索啰恰氏) Solongar Hala (Sinicized: 索罗噶尔氏) Solongus Hala (Sinicized: 索龙古斯氏) Sonotu Hala (Sinicized: 索诺图氏) Sordo Hala (Sinicized: 索尔多氏) Sorgi Hala (Sinicized: 索尔济氏) Su Hala (Sinicized: 苏氏) Suan Hala (Sinicized: 宣氏) Sue Hala (Sinicized: 薛氏) Sufaca Hala (Sinicized: 舒发察氏) Sugiya Hala (Sinicized: 孙佳氏) Sugiya Hala (Sinicized: 舒佳氏) Sugiya Hala (Sinicized: 苏佳氏) Suigiya Hala (Sinicized: 随佳氏) Sukca Hala (Sinicized: 苏克察氏) Sukduri Hala (Sinicized: 舒克都哩氏) Sulara Hala (Sinicized: 苏拉喇氏) Sulu Hala (Sinicized: 舒禄氏) Sumari Hala (Sinicized: 书玛哩氏) Sumir Hala (Sinicized: 苏密尔氏) Sumuca Hala (Sinicized: 苏穆察氏) Sumuk Hala (Sinicized: 苏木克氏) Sumur Hala (Sinicized: 舒穆尔氏) Sumuri Hala (Sinicized: 舒墨哩氏) Sumuri Hala (Sinicized: 舒穆哩氏) Sumuru Hala (Sinicized: 舒穆禄氏) Sun Hala (Sinicized: 孙氏) Sunbulu Hala (Sinicized: 顺布鲁氏) Suncor Hala (Sinicized: 荪绰尔氏) Sung Hala (Sinicized: 宋氏) Sung Hala (Sinicized: 松氏) Sunggi Hala (Sinicized: 松吉氏) Sunggiya Hala (Sinicized: 嵩佳氏) Sungyan Hala (Sinicized: 松颜氏) Sunit Hala (Sinicized: 苏尼特氏) Surdu Hala (Sinicized: 舒尔都氏) Surgiya Hala (Sinicized: 苏尔佳氏) Suru Hala (Sinicized: 舒噜氏) Susan Gioro Hala (Sinicized: 舒善觉罗氏) Susu Gioro Hala (Sinicized: 舒舒觉罗氏) T Tegi Hala (Sinicized: 特济氏) Tie Hala (Sinicized: 铁氏) Tabennutuk Hala (Sinicized: 塔本努图克氏) Taicu Hala (Sinicized: 台楚氏) Taicuru Hala (Sinicized: 泰楚噜氏) Taicut Hala (Sinicized: 泰楚特氏) Taihut Hala (Sinicized: 泰瑚特氏) Taisinara Hala (Sinicized: 泰锡纳喇氏) Talbacik Hala (Sinicized: 塔喇巴齐克氏) Tamuca Hala (Sinicized: 塔穆察氏) Tan Hala (Sinicized: 谈氏) Tan Hala (Sinicized: 谭氏) Tang Hala (Sinicized: 唐氏) Tang Hala (Sinicized: 汤氏) Tangda Hala (Sinicized: 唐达氏) Tanggiya Hala (Sinicized: 唐佳氏) Tanggu Hala (Sinicized: 唐古氏) Tanggur Hala (Sinicized: 唐古尔氏) Tanggut Hala (Sinicized: 唐古特氏) Tangni Hala (Sinicized: 唐尼氏) Tangyan Hala (Sinicized: 唐颜氏) Tankai Hala (Sinicized: 坦开氏) Tao Hala (Sinicized: 陶氏) Taogiya Hala (Sinicized: 陶佳氏) Tara Hala (Sinicized: 塔喇氏) Tarhunut Hala (Sinicized: 塔尔瑚努特氏) Tatan Hala (Sinicized: 塔坦氏) Tatar Hala (Sinicized: 塔塔儿氏) Tatara Hala (Sinicized: 他塔喇氏) Tergir Hala (Sinicized: 特尔吉尔氏) Tian Hala (Sinicized: 田氏) Tiangiya Hala (Sinicized: 田佳氏) Tohercin Hala (Sinicized: 托和尔秦氏) Tohoro Hala (Sinicized: 托和啰氏) Tolgiya Hala (Sinicized: 托勒佳氏) Tolot Hala (Sinicized: 托罗特氏) Tomo Hala (Sinicized: 托谟氏) Tong Hala (Sinicized: 佟氏) Tongala Hala (Sinicized: 通阿拉氏) Tongelo Hala (Sinicized: 佟鄂啰氏) Tonggosu Hala (Sinicized: 通果苏氏) Tongnigot Hala (Sinicized: 佟尼果特氏) Tongniyot Hala (Sinicized: 佟尼耀特氏) Tongyangiolo Hala (Sinicized: 通颜觉罗氏) Tori Hala (Sinicized: 托里氏) Tsanggiya Hala (Sinicized: 仓佳氏) Tsangmargi Hala (Sinicized: 苍马尔纪氏) Tu Hala (Sinicized: 图氏) Tu Hala (Sinicized: 屠氏) Tubot Hala (Sinicized: 图伯特氏) Tubusu Hala (Sinicized: 图布苏氏) Tugiya Hala (Sinicized: 图佳氏) Tukcinara Hala (Sinicized: 图克齐纳喇氏) Tukdun Hala (Sinicized: 图克敦氏) Tuktan Hala (Sinicized: 图克坦氏) Tulolut Hala (Sinicized: 图罗鲁特氏) Tulri Hala (Sinicized: 图勒哩氏) Tumen Hala (Sinicized: 图们氏) Tumot Hala (Sinicized: 土默特氏) Tungki Hala (Sinicized: 佟启氏) Tungsaire Hala (Sinicized: 佟赛哷氏) Tungsairi Hala (Sinicized: 通赛理氏) Turdun Hala (Sinicized: 图尔敦氏) Turge Hala (Sinicized: 图尔格氏) Turgiya Hala (Sinicized: 图尔佳氏) Turtara Hala (Sinicized: 图尔塔喇氏) Tusala Hala (Sinicized: 图萨喇氏) Tuseri Hala (Sinicized: 图色哩氏) U U Hala (Sinicized: 吴氏) Ucala Hala (Sinicized: 乌察喇氏) Ucehe Hala (Sinicized: 倭彻赫氏) Uceku Hala (Sinicized: 倭彻库氏) Ucere Hala (Sinicized: 倭彻埒氏) Ucikiri Hala (Sinicized: 乌齐熙理氏) Ucikit Hala (Sinicized: 乌齐喜特氏) Uciyarkan Hala (Sinicized: 乌恰尔坎氏) Ucuke Hala (Sinicized: 乌楚肯氏) Ugigiyala Hala (Sinicized: 乌济佳喇氏) Ugiket Hala (Sinicized: 吴济克忒氏) Ugiya Hala (Sinicized: 乌佳氏) Ugiya Hala (Sinicized: 武佳氏) Uhe Hala (Sinicized: 倭赫氏) Uja Hala (Sinicized: 吴扎氏) Ujaku Hala (Sinicized: 乌扎库氏) Ujalhu Hala (Sinicized: 乌扎勒瑚氏) Ujara Hala (Sinicized: 乌扎喇氏) Ujigit Hala (Sinicized: 乌济奇特氏) Ukeding Hala (Sinicized: 吴克定氏) Ukudenggi Hala (Sinicized: 乌库登吉氏) Ukuri Hala (Sinicized: 乌库理氏) Ula Hala (Sinicized: 乌拉氏) Ulan Hala (Sinicized: 乌兰氏) Ulanghai Hala (Sinicized: 乌梁海氏) Ulanghaigilmo Hala (Sinicized: 乌梁海济勒默氏) Ulanghat Hala (Sinicized: 乌朗哈特氏) Ulat Hala (Sinicized: 乌喇特氏) Ulatehake Hala (Sinicized: 乌喇特哈克氏) Ulhanga Hala (Sinicized: 乌尔杭阿氏) Ulie Hala (Sinicized: 倭埒氏) Uligin Hala (Sinicized: 乌哩津氏) Ulin Hala (Sinicized: 乌璘氏) Ulinga Hala (Sinicized: 乌灵阿氏) Ulri Hala (Sinicized: 乌勒哩氏) Ulsi Hala (Sinicized: 乌勒锡氏) Uluri Hala (Sinicized: 乌鲁哩氏) Ulut Hala (Sinicized: 乌噜特氏) Umi Hala (Sinicized: 乌密氏) Umu Hala (Sinicized: 吴穆氏) Unat Hala (Sinicized: 乌纳特氏) Unehucin Hala (Sinicized: 乌讷虎沁氏) Unemur Hala (Sinicized: 乌讷穆尔氏) Unin Hala (Sinicized: 武聂氏) Uninci Hala (Sinicized: 乌聂齐氏) Unuci Hala (Sinicized: 吴努齐氏) Unuhu Hala (Sinicized: 乌努呼氏) Urda Hala (Sinicized: 乌尔达氏) Urgeci Hala (Sinicized: 乌尔格齐氏) Urgucen Hala (Sinicized: 乌尔古宸氏) Urgunkele Hala (Sinicized: 乌尔衮克勒氏) Urhan Hala (Sinicized: 乌尔汉氏) Urhugi Hala (Sinicized: 乌尔瑚济氏) Urisu Hala (Sinicized: 乌礼苏氏) Urit Hala (Sinicized: 乌哩特氏) Uru Hala (Sinicized: 乌努氏) Uru Hala (Sinicized: 乌噜氏) Use Hala (Sinicized: 乌色氏) Usi Hala (Sinicized: 乌锡氏) Usira Hala (Sinicized: 乌什拉氏) Usujan Hala (Sinicized: 乌苏占氏) Usun Hala (Sinicized: 乌苏氏) Usuri Hala (Sinicized: 乌苏哩氏) Uya Hala (Sinicized: 乌雅氏) Uyaca Hala (Sinicized: 乌雅察氏) Uyan Hala (Sinicized: 吴然氏) Uyanki Hala (Sinicized: 乌颜齐氏) Uyara Hala (Sinicized: 乌雅拉氏) Uyo Hala (Sinicized: 武尧氏) Uyu Hala (Sinicized: 乌裕氏) W Wa Hala (Sinicized: 瓦氏) Walan Hala (Sinicized: 瓦兰氏) Walgiya Hala (Sinicized: 瓦勒佳氏) Wamo Hala (Sinicized: 瓦墨氏) Wan Hala (Sinicized: 万氏) Wang Hala (Sinicized: 汪氏) Wang Hala (Sinicized: 王氏) Wanggi Hala (Sinicized: 旺吉氏) Wanggiya Hala (Sinicized: 完颜氏) Wanggiya Hala (Sinicized: 汪佳氏) Wanggurcin Hala (Sinicized: 旺古尔沁氏) Wangjabu Hala (Sinicized: 旺扎布氏) Wangjar Hala (Sinicized: 旺扎尔氏) Wangsut Hala (Sinicized: 旺舒特氏) Wanlioha Hala (Sinicized: 万旒哈氏) Wargi Hala (Sinicized: 瓦尔吉氏) Wari Hala (Sinicized: 瓦哩氏) Warka Hala (Sinicized: 瓦尔喀氏) Wasan Hala (Sinicized: 瓦三氏) Wase Hala (Sinicized: 瓦色氏) Wegi Hala (Sinicized: 鄂济氏) Wei Hala (Sinicized: 卫氏) Wei Hala (Sinicized: 魏氏) Weigiya Hala (Sinicized: 魏佳氏) Weigut Hala (Sinicized: 威古特氏) Weilalr Hala (Sinicized: 魏拉依尔氏) Wen Hala (Sinicized: 文氏) Wen Hala (Sinicized: 闻氏) Wenca Hala (Sinicized: 温察氏) Wencara Hala (Sinicized: 温察拉氏) Wenceheng Hala (Sinicized: 温彻亨氏) Wenda Hala (Sinicized: 文达氏) Wende Hala (Sinicized: 文德氏) Wendenge Hala (Sinicized: 温登额氏) Wendu Hala (Sinicized: 温都氏) Wengari Hala (Sinicized: 翁阿里氏) Wenggilgin Hala (Sinicized: 翁集尔金氏) Wenggit Hala (Sinicized: 翁吉特氏) Wenggori Hala (Sinicized: 翁郭里氏) Wenggot Hala (Sinicized: 翁果特氏) Wengiya Hala (Sinicized: 温佳氏) Wengket Hala (Sinicized: 翁科特氏) Wengniolo Hala (Sinicized: 翁钮啰氏) Wengniri Hala (Sinicized: 翁尼哩氏) Wengnit Hala (Sinicized: 翁尼特氏) Wengnot Hala (Sinicized: 翁牛特氏) Wengsejan Hala (Sinicized: 翁舍占氏) Wenja Hala (Sinicized: 文札氏) Wentehe Hala (Sinicized: 温特赫氏) Wentun Hala (Sinicized: 温屯氏) Y Ya Hala (Sinicized: 雅氏) Yagiya Hala (Sinicized: 雅佳氏) Yan Hala (Sinicized: 严氏) Yan Hala (Sinicized: 鄢氏) Yan Hala (Sinicized: 阎氏) Yan Hala (Sinicized: 颜氏) Yang Hala (Sinicized: 杨氏) Yangai Hala (Sinicized: 扬蔼氏) Yangeri Hala (Sinicized: 扬额理氏) Yanggi Hala (Sinicized: 扬吉氏) Yanggiya Hala (Sinicized: 扬佳氏) Yangi Hala (Sinicized: 颜济氏) Yangiri Hala (Sinicized: 颜济哩氏) Yangiya Hala (Sinicized: 阎佳氏) Yangna Hala (Sinicized: 扬那氏) Yanja Hala (Sinicized: 颜扎氏) Yanju Hala (Sinicized: 颜珠氏) Yao Hala (Sinicized: 姚氏) Yaogiya Hala (Sinicized: 耀佳氏) Yarhu Hala (Sinicized: 雅尔胡氏) Yarsara Hala (Sinicized: 雅尔萨喇氏) Yasu Hala (Sinicized: 雅苏氏) Ye Hala (Sinicized: 叶氏) Yegulut Hala (Sinicized: 叶古禄特氏) Yehe Hala (Sinicized: 叶赫氏) Yehele Hala (Sinicized: 叶赫勒氏) Yekejong Hala (Sinicized: 叶克忠氏) Yekuri Hala (Sinicized: 叶库哩氏) Yelu Hala (Sinicized: 叶禄氏) Yemole Hala (Sinicized: 叶墨勒氏) Yemu Hala (Sinicized: 叶穆氏) Yiogeri Hala (Sinicized: 猷格理氏) Yng Hala (Sinicized: 尹氏) Yngai Hala (Sinicized: 音斋氏) Ynggiya Hala (Sinicized: 英佳氏) Yngiya Hala (Sinicized: 音佳氏) Yo Hala (Sinicized: 岳氏) Yoca Hala (Sinicized: 岳察氏) Yokre Hala (Sinicized: 尤克热氏) Yolocin Hala (Sinicized: 岳罗沁氏) Yonot Hala (Sinicized: 岳诺特氏) Yu Hala (Sinicized: 于氏) Yu Hala (Sinicized: 俞氏) Yuan Hala (Sinicized: 袁氏) Yugiya Hala (Sinicized: 于佳氏) Yugiya Hala (Sinicized: 虞佳氏) Yuhuru Hala (Sinicized: 裕瑚噜氏) Yukmo Hala (Sinicized: 玉克墨氏) Yukure Hala (Sinicized: 玉库哷氏) Yulu Hala (Sinicized: 玉鲁氏) Yur Hala (Sinicized: 禹尔氏) Yurku Hala (Sinicized: 玉尔库氏) Yurkure Hala (Sinicized: 裕尔库哷氏) Yutumo Hala (Sinicized: 玉图墨氏)
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    Да, Казахстан был больше чем сейчас; мы имели больше территории чем сейчас. Но мы все растеряли.
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    Оказывается что легендарные предки тюрков "Бузук" и "Учук" тоже есть среди маньчжурцев! Busuk Hala (Sinicized: 布苏克氏) --- БУЗУК Ucuke Hala (Sinicized: 乌楚肯氏) --- УЧУК Следовательно: маньчжурцы отец и предки всех тюрков и монголов.
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    Монгол! Я прежде всего КАЗАХ! И уж потом найман, каракерей, мурын и пр.

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